Reasons why players will choose your bingo site

In the competitive world of online bingo, the sky is the limit when it comes to enticing new players to sign up. To the untrained eye or someone new to the online gaming world, every site may very well look as if they are promising the same thing and with hundreds to choose from, it’s easy to be overlooked.
Here are five reasons why someone would choose your site…

chose a bingo site

1. Word of mouth

As with any industry, word of mouth is the most potent form of advertising. Most players log on to a particular site out of curiosity when someone they know mentions it in passing or because someone they trust recommends it. People who socialise together are likely to join the same social network and gaming sites too. If you can get your loyal players to refer their friends, you’ll have new people signing up to play bingo online in no time.

2. Bingo reviews

When in doubt, most potential players will head to a reputable review site which they’ll use as a trusty guideline when deciding who to give their money to. By getting your site reviewed by a popular and trusted portal, you’ll ensure that more people click on your link.

3. Advertising

It has been established that players are more likely to sign up with a site that is familiar to them because of advertising. Unfortunately this means that bigger sites with larger budgets are in a favourable position as they can feature adverts in the media. Smaller sites can become a little more creative though, and find less costly ways to get their name known.

4. Jackpots


Despite the fact that online bingo is a game of chance, no one will stay on a site for too long if they never win anything. In the same respect, bingo sites that offer huge jackpots will automatically attract a multitude of players. It’s always good to give the members feedback on who has won and what’s coming up next, as well as side bonuses and rewards for their loyalty.

5. Variety

Believe it or not, not everyone who signs up to an online bingo site wants to exclusively play bingo. Many professional online gamers will sign up with a site that offers great variety and support so they can enjoy other casino games like slots. If your site offers these things as well as a wicked game of online bingo, people will be signing up in no time. One site that I like to recommend to my readers is They have a great variety of games so make sure to check landmarkbingo website bingo games and hopefully you will be the next big winner!