Tight or loose slot games

As a slots UK player, you’ll often hear people refer to a slot game as being either tight or loose. You may wonder what those terms mean and more importantly, how do the change how you play the slot machine. Because not all slot machine games are created equal. So, let’s discuss tight and loose slots, who they appeal to, and how to play them.

A tight slot machine is one that holds on to its nickels, figuratively speaking. What this means is that tight machines don’t pay out very often but when they do, it’s more likely to be a sizable sum.  This type of slot machine appeals to those who are playing with the thought of winning a fortune. An easy example of a tight slot machine would be a progressive slot machine. Just think about it for a moment. You play a progressive slot because you want that big slot jackpot. And to win that jackpot, you have to be willing to bet the maximum number of coins to qualify. So, sit down at a pound progressive machine in a big casino, and you can expect to drop £5 or so on each spin. Which tells you what you really need to know about playing the tight slot machine — you’re going to need a decent size bankroll. These machines won’t let you get away with small bets and winning just enough money to keep playing. They require an investment.

Which brings us to loose slot machines. These are the slot games for the casual player. The person who wants to spend some quality time playing slots but is more interested in the fun of the game than the big jackpot. Not that anything is wrong with winning a jackpot, but the loose slot machine player is the player who wants to sit down at a nickel machine with £10 in their hands and play all night. Casinos have done studies on these players and realized that they’re perfectly happy if they walk out at the end of the night without that £10 as long as they got to play slots for a long time. So loose slot machines are designed to dribble back winnings to these players to keep them playing longer.  These will be smaller winnings, but they keep the player at the slot game longer.

Now, neither of these methods is better than the other. Yes, the tight slots player can argue that they’re more likely to win big. But they’re also more likely to lose big. The loose slot player will win more often, but at the end of the night, all they’ll have to show for it is the enjoyment of the game. Which isn’t a bad thing.