Blackjack Bonuses

There are literally thousands of casinos available online. Each of these casinos strive to beat out the others and offer up bonuses to casino goers.

For the most part the goal is to sign up the most slots players. Slots offer the player a pretty rough house edge, so the casino makes a lot of money off of slots players.

In order to actually get their bonus a casino may require the player to first play a specific amount of games and ‘clear the bonus’.

It gets a little tricky in the case of blackjack however, as many casinos do not count blackjack play toward clearing bonuses. So blackjack players looking for a bonus (as they should!) will need to read the fine print for all bonuses and promotions to find out if their play qualifies.

Blackjack players may have to try their hand at other games in the casino (table games are all generally excluded) to become eligible for most bonuses and promo’s offered by the casinos.

Some casinos might just flat out not offer blackjack players a bonus. However, their home page will never say as much, so before you join a new casino look at the fine print of the bonus to make sure Blackjack qualifies for the bonus.
Amongst the fine print are rules on playing Blackjack and other games it can tell you that it’s not allowed and/or punishable. At some online casinos you could lose your bonus and your winnings and your losses won’t be refunded if you play a game that doesn’t qualify.

But that’s only some casinos and not all many online casinos will allow you to play Blackjack in order to clear the bonus but the wagering requirement may be higher.

For example the rollover is 20 times and slots count 100 percent toward the wagering requirements but Blackjack is only worth 10 percent. You would end up having to rollover 200 times in order to clear the bonus while slots players would only have to rollover 20 times.

This is another reason to look for a bonus that is only for Blackjack. You may have to invest more time then the typical player does in finding the right online casino that suits your needs.

But if you do you will find that some casinos even offer bonuses and promotions just for Blackjack players. So you won’t have to pay more in order to enjoy the same perks as other players.

Blackjack bonuses may have a higher wagering requirement then other games but the rollover won’t be nearly as high as the example above. The typical requirements for a blackjack bonus are 50 times the deposit plus the bonus.